2014 – This year I truly found myself

As the year closes, I think it is good to reflect upon the lessons that  I have learnt throughout the year and what adjustments I want to make for 2015.

My friend KC on my 30th birthday said the thirties are when you find yourself. 2014 is the year I found myself. I have spent a lot time investing in me and no I don’t feel guilty for being selfish. After all there is only one of me! Some people haven’t been as supportive and to be fair, I have learnt who are my ‘real’ friends.

  1. Listening to my body – this has been the biggest lesson I have learnt this year. Having glandular fever definitely taught me to stop and rest. I got over my FOMO and you actually never miss anything worthwhile! 😉
  2. Not to give into fear – Towards the end of the year my gorgeous friend AF sent me a brilliant article about not giving into your fear. This is something I will be taking forward into 2015 and really striping down my fear and insecurities.
  3. Allowing myself to feel what I am feeling – during one of my mindfulness workshops, Janet taught me that I should allow myself to feel what I am feeling. Whether its sadness, happiness, excitement, love, frustration etc. It’s important to acknowledge what you are feeling, accept it, notice it, support it, dissolve it or enjoy it. It was definitely something I was a little apprehensive about, especially when my first emotion to test it on was sadness. Argh! Two days to actually work through it what a little roller-coaster but it did dissolve and I did feel much better.
  4. Speak the truth – It’s simple don’t lie and be honest. Little white lies end up into one big lie if you don’t speak the truth.
  5. Schedule down time in – The best thing I ever did! In my weekly diary there is at least 2 nights or 2 days where it is booked out for ME! Sundays are my favouirte, I love to laze around in my pjs until 12, cook, food prep, eat and go to yoga and then laze some more! 🙂
  6. Exercise daily – yoga especially!
  7. Wanderlusting fuels my lust for life – This year I did some serious traveling! I started 2014 in Canada, ventured to New York, Phuket, Krabi, Sydney, Melbourne, Navigators, London, Yorkshire, Nice, Lyon, Paris, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Gallipoli, Amsterdam, Steenwijk, Xian and home again. I had many amazing experiences, met new and old friends but 2015 will be a quieter year on the travel front!
  8. Daily rituals – I love my daily rituals! 5:40am each day my alarm goes off, warm lemon water, two eggs with spinach, morning gratitudes, my Yorkshire tea and then off to catch the ferry. I think it is so important to start the day fueled correctly and not rushed.
  9. Eating the right food – I have continued to battle with my intolerances and wheat, dairy and sugar make me feel miserable and not well at all! I am trying hard to eat organic, high fiber foods and lots of vegetables.
  10. My family is the most important thing to me – Pretty self-explanatory! 🙂

One new goal for 2015 to add to my current list:

  1. Is to slow down – Hong Kong is a hard city to live in, as its so fast passed! This year I really want to slow the pace of my life down, I wont be rushing around like a mad woman, I wont be traveling on big trips (except Thailand and Bali for yoga), my weekends are about to become sacred and I will be filling my life full of friends who empower and inspire me, not drain me.

Here is to happy  and safe Festive Season!

❤ SS

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