And Stop!


And stop…Five years ago,I stood at Taroko Gorge in Taiwan, surrounded by mountains, raging rivers and singing birds, I had a moment of clarity. I knew I needed to make changes to my life and create a major shift within myself. I was tired of repeating the same stories in my head of  heartbreak, anger and abuse. That simple decision that day sent me on a considerable journey, one which has taken its time but allowed me to cultivate a life which I knew I deserved and how I deserved to be happy.

In these five years, I have faced every challenge and negative thought to unveil a new layer of me. I found the beauty in letting the light into myself, sharing my journey with my family, friends, holistic and phycological practitioners. 

I had let society condition me. I hid my dark emotions by doing things in excess, trying to be brave and strong and wearing masks. I have learnt there is such beauty in being vulnerable. Last week, I reread my 193 blogs which I have written over the past few years. I inspired myself with my wise words, from great sadness comes great joy and as my friend said ‘The bigger the tree, the bigger the shadow’. Through my reflection of my darkest days, I was able to unintentionally flip it and inspire, write and bring joy to other people’s lives, without being aware I was doing it. 

There is always help available, you just need to ask the right people and have the courage to be vulnerable. 

So, thank you Mumma and Dad for giving me the space to rebuild, ground and set solid strong foundations to fly from. I am so very grateful and love you very much.

Stopping in my new city of Berlin. I am here for a long while, I have space, trees, sounds of birds, insects flying, farmers markets, organic and vegan food, seasons to feel, bicycles to ride and a new country to explore. To my new home, I am so excited to be here and my roots are already finding their way down.

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb” – Greg Child


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