A little fallen magenta flower  

Magenta is my favourite colour (close to fluro and baby pink). It is my colour – it makes my heart sing, it is the memories of Nana’s pink lipstick kisses, it is warm and unconditional love, it is the colour in my heart which represents the love that I give.

Magenta strengthens our intuition, it helps us rise above our daily dramas while allowing space for us to cultivate a greater awareness of ourselves and others. Magenta helps lift our vibrations to heal past traumas, illnesses and aids in revitalising over worked bodies.

Magenta is synchronicities – making sure you’re on the right path, it is the energy of Mary Magdalene, the spirit of the Divine Feminine and for me itt is a beautifully, delicious, vibrant colour which brings me pure joy.



I pour love over me and you


#balance #unconditionallove #synchronicity #colourhealing #colourinspiration #grounding #riseabouve #ipourloveovermeandyou

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