What does your self portrait look like?

This is my most recent. Over the past four years (since I started painting), I have created various self portraits in different sizes, shades and colours. Self portraits for an important indication of where I am at spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Colours are so important to me, brighter the colours the higher I am vibrating darker the colours the lower I am vibrating. There is no need for black in my life. 

This painting is so vibrant, so joyful, so right for where I am right now. It is the essence of me, balanced, vibrant and on my path with two feet firmly planted on the ground. Joy!

My choice of colours:

  • Magenta – unconditional love and joy
  • Fluro pink –  playful and vibrant (also my Hong Kong chapter of my life)
  • Baby pink – love and peace
  • Orange – creativity
  • Turquoise – open communication and clarity
  • Sand – neutral, calm, and relaxed
  • White – purity and harmony

What colours would you use?


I am here


#colours #selfportrait #joy #vibrance #colourtherapy

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