A gift, a treasure to hold, and pearls of wisdom to embrace


What is a gift to you? As a child, I wanted physical gifts, things that were tangible, things to play and create with but as I grew I began to realise the most important gifts were time, love, space, connections and hand written notes. In my last week in France, my friend and beautiful poet Wil Barnes gifted me an extraordinary gift. His well loved and read copy of ‘The soul of Rumi’ a collection of poems by Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. I was humbled, grateful, loved and bursting with joy. 

Over the past five years, as I reconnected with my love of poetry. It was after a yoga weekend, in Hong Kong, where my teacher Janet had shared a poem, ‘Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.’ – Rumi. That little poem stuck a cord with me and I started reading more and more of Rumi’s passionate, heartfelt, mystical words. They had found a place in my heart. 

Words are powerful, choose very carefully what you read and write. Choose to read things which uplift and inspire you to be the best that you can be. Remebr the power of a handwritten note of grattiude, will can simply make someone else’s day.

Go into a corner,
open the letter,
and read what is in it,

See whether its words are
suitable for royalty.

If it isn’t suitable, tear it to pieces,
write another letter,
and remedy the fault.

But don’t think it’s easy to open
the letter of the body;

Otherwise everyone would readily
discover the secret of the heart.

How difficult it is to open that letter!
It’s only for the strong,
not for those playing games..

– Rumi

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