This week was an incredibly enlightening week. Mercury retrograde has served me well. The more I let go this week, the more space I cultivated for love, joy and light.

Toxic relationships, we all have experienced them at different stages of our lives. We all know people, friends or acquaintances we refer to as ‘energy vampires’ or as I like to call them ‘parasites to the soul’ They attach onto us because they cannot stand on their own because of fear, greed and self absorption.

I do not escape this, in the past I too have been guilty of attaching myself to someone, because I was to scared of standing on my own in fear of judgement and being alone.

Fear is what attached me. Fear of my own unique abilities, fear of my own capabilities, fear of my own creative gifts and fear that I couldn’t do it on my own. I attached to the most brightest, open, loving person who came into my life. I therefore mirrored that person, absorbed by their gifts, dramas, insecurities as I tired to mirror them.

This week, I let go, I surrendered and I transformed. By cutting that cord, by opening my heart and finally letting go, I was breaking free. Freedom, liberating freedom, it was ever so sweet and hard.   

We create our own obstacles which we over come however it is our mind and situations which limit us to truly moving forward and on our path.

Last month, I watched a beautiful man, tormented about returning to a marriage that no longer served him. He was open like a flower, however when it was time to return that beautiful flower closed. It was heart breaking to watch, the freedom and space whihc he had cultivated around closed so harshly because he couldn’t be himself and true to his path.

He was stuck in person, place and situation but it is fear which keeps him locked in and stuck. Fear. 

I am fearless

I take action now

I am liberated from fear of failure

#letitgo #surrender #godeep #attachemnt #energyvampire 

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