I am a singer

I am a singer.

It’s funny to write those words because my whole life that’s all I ever wanted to be. I love music, sounds, movement and the feelings which are evoked within me, when I sing. I have an incredible memory for lyrics, as soon as I hear a tune I can usually start or finish the song. This week, I joined a singing circle. It’s the first time since high school, where I collaborated with other singers.

I have always had a great fear of singing thanks to a horrible experience in Year 5. On reflection, it was that day which sent me deeply inwards. So lets go back, some 24 years ago… It was choir auditions my friend Matt told me to come along and try (If you have the time check him out @matthew_david_83, he is an incredible opera singer 😉) I tagged along, a little nervous, but very excited. I sang the piece, a little rusty, but I gave it my best try. It wasn’t good enough for Sr Noreen so she sent me back to class…I didn’t make the choir. I’ll never forget walking across the grass back to class, it was a typical wet Ballarat day, I was broken hearted, disappointed and let down. When I got back to class, Mrs Ryan was furious. She marched me back across the yard to Sr Noreen, and said ‘It is your job to teach her to sing. Sarah will sing! All I could do was look at my shoes, I was embarrassed, grateful and I felt loved (good old Brenda Ryan, she may have thrown chalk at me when I talked too much, but she believed in me as a singer) I wish I did then. I sang in choirs every single year from Year 5 to Year 12. I loved it. It made me feel whole. It’s amazing what we let go of as we grow up, new experiences, new people and different paths we take.

It wasn’t until last year when my friends @bell0004 and @medicinaorientalpr said come and sing with us, that my heart started to feel alive again. This week that feeling returned, I was so stuck in my head that I forgot the simplicity of what signing is. The beautiful sounds, rounds, harmonies, the magic and power which comes from my voice. I feel this song was appropriate for the occasion.
I fill the world with song and song fills me with life!
I put my unique stamp on every song I sing.
#iamasinger #singyourheartout

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