Paint your soul

Last month, when I was in Hong Kong I visited my dearest friend Winnie. In her house hangs one of my favourite paintings I have ever painted. I love the colours and the vibrancy that pops through the layers.
I painted this on a Thursday afternoon, my last week in Hong Kong. Yet this painting was painted through tears, howling, heartbreak and grief. I painted this painting when I had found out my Nana Oliver had just passed away. Reflecting, on that last week, two years ago. I had so many emotions and feelings. I was parting my home of 7 years, leaving my beautiful friends and coming to terms with my Nana’s sudden passing. I feel like I vomitted beautiful colour and my soul over the painting, it was pouring out of me. I painted and painted for hours.

It was one of the hardest weeks of my life. I never truly gave my self a chance to even think. That week I took five international flights back to Australia, Hong Kong, then landing myself in France. I was a shell of a person I am today.

I feel that I have come circle. Creativity, art, self expression, love and connections all helped me heal. 💙

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” ― Diane Mariechild


#fullcircle #creativity #love #vommitingcolour #lovemynana #soulmates

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