She is the creator

Last night as I sat on the train coming home from yoga, I observed all the people. In front of me, there was a good representation of all religions, cultures and ethnicity. I sat there thinking (as I so often do) What if all these people are waiting for the wrong thing?

For most of my life I have often debated that religion does not empower women. Last night when coming home I thought, what if all we have been told and everything that we were to believe was false and in fact all these religions are waiting for the ‘wrong saviour’? What if that saviour is to be a woman? As always Rumi lead me to question my thoughts again and again. She isn’t the saviour yet the creator? Or what if both are of feminine power?

So ponder today, question, create your own thoughts and believe what you want too.


#rumi #thoughts #wordsofwisdom#createyourownsaviour #believeinyou

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