Ride the wave

Listen to the sound of waves within you.  – Rumi

No time like the present! After walking this morning, I soon realised that I also need a space to write, share and connect. I am ‘physically’ alone in Berlin, Germany but richly connected to myself, my friends, my family and mother nature.

We are all riding a wave, not knowing how it will be or how it will crash along the shore.  The spread of Carnivorous is actually forcing us to live in the present moment. We can’t plan tomorrow, next week, next month or next year, we can only be here today.

Yesterday, I caught myself numerous times saying “I’m ok”, “I’m ok”, “I’m ok!” Until, I finally stopped myself and said “No, I am not!” I finally created space not be ok. I let my inner child, or little Sarah speak in a mess of tears, she said, “I am scared.” In floods of tears, I held myself and let myself cry, ugly crying. Of course I am scared, but after a minute or so I took some deep breaths. It is fear of the unknown but we cannot let fear drive this. I created a space to feel what I am feeling, not numbing through alcohol, quarantine snacks, or too much netflix. You need to feel this to move through this.

I ask you to connect with yourself, hold yourself, talk to your inner child, recognise what is happening for you. So you can create and hold space for yourself, your loved ones, your  family, your colleagues, strangers in the street and the world right now because we need you to be here in love not fear. Remember…

‘Waves are not as dangerous as fear of waves.’ – Vikrmn

Love always


#loveoverfear #innerchild #holdspace #createspace


  1. Wow! How well you captured how it feels right now.
    Keep finding time for you -I’m finding it is not so easy at present, but you are a good role model for me. Thank you for that and for your words!
    Sarah W.


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