Soul healing

The last twelve months haven’t been my proudest. I have lead from a place of ego and not from the essence of my soul. During the last week, I have opened my morning meditations from 24 minutes to 48 minutes. The silence, the stillness, the peace, the realisations, the heart ache, the self hatred, the sorrow, the grief, the time, the space, the love, the inspiration, the calm and the patience. 

I forgive myself 

I surrender

I accept 

I love myself

This is Bessy my new best friend. She is my reminder that when I am pushed too far I snap and tear. That steps shouldn’t be missed on ones journey and pushing tooooooo soon has consequences. I am listening. I am moving slowly. 

I am switching off, deleting apps to give my soul some time, space and to offer her peace because she is the part of me I love the most.  It’s time heal my mind, body and soul. I am so grateful for all my wonderful teachers, trainings and lessons in the past five years it’s now time to put them ALL into practise.

#breakingupwithmyego #disconnecttoreconnect #soulhealing #detox #cleanse 

p.s. I am ok, uncomfortable yes. I have torn the ligaments and tendons in my ankle after I missed a step coming down the stairs. When swelling goes down, then I can have an MRI in about  two weeks to see if I will need surgery. My heart says I will be fine and this time Im listening to her!

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