Over last few days I have allowed myself time and space to feel all sorts of pain, suffering, grief to start healing. As I lay (I don’t know if you call it laying) on my bed in my beautiful sunlit room, with vibrant blue sky peaking through the window, a cup of tea, Bessie on my foot and the sound of the birds. I am grateful.  Grateful? You ask. Let me explain. 

I am grateful because this injury, COVID19 and school holidays has allowed me time to reflect, dream, reconnect but most of all be still. I am not going to lie this week has been really challenging mentally, physically (I never want shockwave therapy ever ever ever ever again) and most of all spiritually. Through my ‘time out’ I have been able to reflect on my values. The essence of who I am, the real Sarah! 

Love for myself (SELF LOVE), people who bring me joy, for the people I deeply care about and of course Mother Nature.

Trust myself and those who inspire, uplift and support me.

Honesty with myself that I am not ok and that it is ok too. Pain is a good indication that I am not. I read this one afternoon this week, “These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.” – Rumi. Golly gosh I am listening! Instead of fighting and being angry at my body for not being able to walk or do yoga, I have listened to her and relaxed into more meditation both through sound and vipassana. Now I feel more connected and centred!  

Space to reenergise, reset and cultivate what is most important to me.

Nature, I can’t speak more of the love that I have for our Great Mother. Like many who allow her she channels through me, allowing for inspiration, guidance, support AND HEALING!

Connection with my inner child, my wild woman, my High priestess and source. Joy!

Time heals but most of all it allows for growth. 

Sobriety from anything which is toxic and brings my energy down! I have really used this time to kick caffeine (coffee and green tea) which seemed to have crept back into my life. Yet, I will not let raw chocolate go anytime soon! 

Gratitude – for who I am, for what I have and for the gifts which I can offer this world but also the ability to listen to myself and others. Also for SW for looking after me so well and packing snacks for after my MRI! I’m forever grateful! ❤

Creativity – When everything above is balanced most importantly my creative soul can flourish and flow whether it be through music, art or writing. Through an open heart anything is possible.

And with that I am off to sit in the sunshine!

❤ JOY!

The very centre of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on earth.

– Rumi

#values #findingjoy #openingmyheart

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