I love you as big as the sky

I love you as big as the sky – Nana Oliver


These were the last words Nana Oliver and I sang to each other the last time we physically saw each other in2016.

Every time I feel lost, lonely, scared, uncertain I always look to the sky knowing that I am loved, supported, guided and knowing she is always watching over me.

Last night I didn’t sleep well, exhausted, drained, frustrated this morning I didn’t have the energy to be in front of my little people. I posted a note not a video saying I needed a rest but will be back on Monday.

Later today I received an email from a mum who said her son read the note this morning, raced out into the backyard looked at the sky and yelled “I love you as big as the sky Miss Sullivan!” Then cane back in and sat down. She asked why he did that and he said “Miss Sullivan said if we felt lonely or scared when we were apart to look at the sky an know we were together. Today she needed to hear that I love her.”

I’m still crying!

I totally forgot in our last morning circle I told them story of my Nana. That no matter how far apart we are we always connected. Just look to the sky and know that I love you.

My heart is filled with gratitude that I get to teach such beautiful wonderful little but wise souls.

Only from the heart can you touch the sky. – Rumi

#iloveyouasbigasthesky #littlepeoplejoy #love #sky #cloudwatching

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