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Acrylic Paintings – Hong Kong

All of my paintings have been inspired by my incredible journey over the past twelve months. Every day has bought new inspiration, new challenges, new ideas, new wonderful and interesting people into my life. This journey has also given me the time for me to heal, appreciate just how important life is and to be grateful for what I have.

I have always been inspired by people who are unique, interesting and different. When painting these encounters, I use colours to symbolise parts of them which resonated with me, whether it was the colour of their hair, what they were wearing, emotions which I felt or the surrounding environment – I take it all in.

My painting style isn’t technical and the way I paint is unique in itself. I  like clean lines, smooth texture and instant pops of colour. I detest the lines which paint brushes leave behind so thinking outside the box I began to paint with a plastic business card. Unique yes but it delivers clean smooth lines each time. Before painting I plan out a simple palette of colour combinations which resonated with me, these colours are used as a base to start. The beauty of my paintings is that each painting can consist of anywhere between five to fifteen individual layers. Layering for me is a beautiful process which take time and where the painting truly comes alive.

I have truly enjoyed this new process and experimenting with acrylic paints for the first time. This creative process has helped heal my past traumas and open a new world of exciting and endless possibilities. I am thrilled to share my painting with you in my first solo art exhibition.

Sarah Sullivan

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