Ubud – The Yoga Barn

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move.” — Osho

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get inside when you connect with people who are like minded like you. During my last week in Ubud, I had these feelings stir within me as I met new friends, shared stories and experiences but most of all I was inspired by new teachers. I was drawn back to Ubud and I am glad I let my heart pull me there as I now feel inspired, peaceful and grounded. Ubud it self over the past three years has changed, it’s busy, touristy and full of hustle and bustle but as soon as you turn down an alley way you find reprieve, and you can gather your breath.

This trip was for yoga and I was there as a starting point of my healing journey. I have taken the next 12 months to allow myself to heal from past traumas and what years of toxic stress has done to my body. I am taking this year to fill creativity tea cup full of joy and to give myself the time to heal my mind, body and spirit. I still have one or two fears to conquer as I move forward but the best part of this journey is that I don’t need to have everything planned out, I just need to be true to my heart.

On Monday morning, I headed to The Yoga Barn, one of the most glorious places on this earth, filled with wonderful people on different journeys, lush trees, flowers, big timber buildings, stones paths, fresh air and lots of space. (They are currently renovating so there is a little dust and noise but not too bad). My first class was a beautiful Yin session. Yin yoga is one of my favourites as it settles me, we are always so busy rushing around that being still is hard let alone letting go and being present is even more so. Sitting on my mat I made a wonderful new friend CE (we were inseparable for the rest of my trip).

The highlight of my time at The Yoga Barn was that of Shervin Boloorian from Sound Healing Bali, this man has a talent or more so a gift that needs to be shared with everyone on this earth. His voice resonated so deeply within me during our Spirit night and Sound Medicine evenings. Shervin is the founder of Sound Healing Bali, colour and Tama Do sound therapist. The combination of instruments of his own and his peers from Bali Sound Healers Collective, (the world’s first community of sound healers) were enough to awaken any soul. His voice with these combinations was so heart felt and we all walked away in awe of such a gifted musicians. Check out his album, its perfect for background music, meditation or even during yoga, I am loving it!

My European friends we are lucky he and Larissa Israel are touring in August and September. Check out his dates here. My London friends I will be attending his workshop on Friday the 30th of September come with me for a new and exciting experience.

As my days winded down with beautiful restorative practise with Levi Banner as the rain fell on the roof. CE and I spent time with Levi over the week in Astrology workshops and yoga. He has a vibrance like no other and I highly recommend checking him out.

I now know where I will be focusing my own personal yoga journey over the next few months, and that will be Yin and Restorative Yoga. It’s time to teach people how to stop and let go.

Until next time Ubud…

❤ and Gratitude